The future is now.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have lifted the gaming industry in recent times. Thanks to their advanced powers of ensuring that gamers really live the game, they are pushing the limits of the gaming world more than ever.

At Level2, we use both these technologies to give you games and solutions that will redefine the way you thought about games in the first place. We have dedicated AR and VR experts who work solely on an assortment of platforms keeping in mind the type of product you are looking for.

AR/VR technology is used in a variety of areas such as simulation, entertainment, and education. Take simulation, for example. We have driving simulation that is very popular in racing games. How do we ensure that the player actually feels like he is driving the vehicle? We use the amazing technology named VR! The same holds true for ships, train, and other types of simulators. Now, when you play sports games such as tennis and cricket, how do you ensure that the player feels like he is inside the game? It comes down to VR again.

AR comes into the picture here to accentuate VR and to give players the experience of a lifetime. One amazing example here is Pokemon Go. We are sure you know just how rapidly it took over the world and got everyone hooked on it. Can your game idea be the next Pokemon Go? Why not! You need the right resources and trusted experts to make your gaming dream a reality.

You can trust us quite easily to collaborate with you and discuss the different expectations before our experts get to work and spin their AR/VR magic on your game idea!
Besides understanding the technologies, the platform that you would like to launch your game on is another aspect that’s very crucial. Is it Oculus Rift? Is it HTC VIVE? Is it anything else? We have experts who thoroughly understand each of these platforms and build products accordingly. Whether it is for e-learning, for regular gaming, or for multi-player gaming experiences, we know that it is crucial to understand the platform and the type of product. That’s exactly what we do at Level2!
In Level2, you have partners who will continue extending harmonious support even after your game has launched on the platforms of your preference. Technology usually has its ups and downs and needs regular maintenance to function smoothly. We offer these services as well.

Interested? Well, get in touch with us now to use the magic of AR/VR technologies in your games!