Game Art Design

Our game artisans will bring your game to life!

Game art design is one of the most interesting and creative aspects of game development. This is mainly because it is the sub-set that focuses on the aesthetics of the game. All the artistic components of a game are covered in game art, and our game artists come together to design concepts that will attract the user towards the game.

When it comes to gaming, it is all about the look, feel and experience and game art design focuses solely on that. At Level2 Games, our game artists work closely with our game designers to conceptualize, create, and actualize.

As aforementioned, the process starts with conceptualization and collaboration with the game designers. Our team of dedicated 2D, 3D, and UI / UX artists picks each aspect of the game they are working on to truly bring it to life through their art. All our artists are creative, experienced, and talented. When we blend these with the latest technologies, we get products that are state-of-the-art and ready to woo and hook audiences.
In our arsenal of game art design, we have 2D as well as 3D artists who take care of the respective components of a game.

2D artists are usually the minds behind concept design, storyboard design, and texture. Concept artists are the ones who work hand-in-hand with game designers, game development, and visual ideation begins from them. They decide how a game looks and how the characters will shape out. Storyboard artists are totally responsible for the cinematic and texture artists use different techniques such as gradients, shading, frames, etc. To design the skins, backgrounds, game menus (and other interfaces). We also have experienced UI artists.

3D artists comprise of modellers, animators, lighting artists, environment artists, and UI / UX artists. 3D modellers create characters, and animators are responsible for giving life to these characters. Their work essentially involves every moving component in the game. Environment artists, as the name suggests, are responsible for creating the best possible environment within the game to entice the user and the lighting artists work on the mood, setting, etc. of the game. Lighting artists may also have to work towards creating different moods for different scenes within one game. UI / UX artists are responsible for a seamless user interface and experience throughout the game
At Level 2 Games, talent and technology come together to form an unbeatable package of creativity. This is showcased in every game that we ever designed and developed.

Our entire process is safeguarded by the fact that it is in the hands of expert designers and artists who understand and use the best of technologies for gaming in the market today
With Level2 Games, you will build a partnership that continues long after we have designed your game. We provide additional support and help after the game is live so that users have a seamless experience throughout.