Game Design

Your revolutionary game. Our innovative design

While we have a plethora of gamers in the world, we only have a few expert game designers who understand the idea and storyline, think closely about the visuals, and come up with world-class designs to satisfy those gamers. We are among those experts.

At Level2, we design games customized to the audience, the story, and the thought that drives it. We ensure that the output is just as good as, if not better than, the game idea itself. It’s simple, really – you imagine it and we’ll bring it to life!

Do we have a set framework that we simply use for every game we design? No. Game design is a complex, intricate, and iterative process that requires the involvement of many components. These components are defined only after the idea is shared with us because each game is different, unique, and requires different mechanics.

Let’s take simulations, for example. The features, usability, visuals, and technology required for these games will definitely be different from puzzles. The same holds true for MMORPG, action games, sports games, and more. We understand these differences and have the resources to design any type of game.

We brainstorm and build the prototype based on our discussions and conclusions. Once that’s done, we hand a quick barebones prototype over for user testing and create a feedback loop. Incorporating the feedback we receive is an integral part of our game designing process. This helps us come up with concepts and streamline them so that our target audience truly loves them.
Unplanned or poorly planned projects often end up badly and we are well-aware of it. We have an extensive planning process wherein we collaborate with you to understand every nuance of the game you want designed. Only after this process do we proceed with the technicalities and the final designing. The entire team sits under the same roof and drinks coffee together - that helps a lot with communication!
We are an amalgamation of highly intricate design resources and the latest prototyping tools, which enable us to produce world-class game designs under a respectable time frame. Our team comes from expert, core backgrounds in the gaming industry and all that experience is reflected in our games.

Game Maker
2D/3D environment technologies

Moreover, the technologies we use provide us with the right base to showcase our skills in making your game a reality. Rest assured, we are always a step ahead from the rest when it comes to staying updated about the latest innovations, player trends, and technologies.
Everyone loves games and platforms that are interactive and fun. Keeping that in mind, we offer gamification through which we gamify services to make them unforgettable in the mind of the users. They will not just stay on the website for longer but they will also come back for more!
Do we bid goodbye after we design the game? Nope! We are partners thereafter as well, helping you provide a bug-free, hassle-free gaming experience to your gamers!

Social integration, innovation, gaming experience – you can count on us for all this and more!