Game Development

Our programmers have your back on every platform!

Game designing is the start of the amazing world of gaming. However, that’s not it. Once a game is conceptualized and ready to take off, it needs to be programmed or engineered to suit every possible platform our users may be on. This includes iOS, Android, consoles, PC, and more. If we develop games just for one or two platform(s), we lose out on a number of users who are probably highly interested in playing our games! It would be wrong to punish them for using a platform of their choice!

At Level2 Games, our game programmers code relentlessly to make the games a reality. All our programmers are specialists in software engineering with additional specialization in simulation, graphics, physics, artificial intelligence, audio programming, game mechanics, and more.

Game programming is an extensive, time consuming process that requires expertise and skill. After the game is conceptualized, it reaches the programmers or engineers for development. This usually begins with the creation of the source code. The design document is followed meticulously here to do justice to the concepts covered.

Our programmers closely interact with the game artists so that thought processes are in sync and the entire process is ironed out right from the beginning. Throughout the engineering process, a number of tools and technologies are employed to fetch the desired results.

At Level2 Games, we choose the game engine based on the design and the platforms the games need to run on. A lot of thought also goes into selecting APIs and libraries.

Once the production is done, we go ahead with user testing on the different platforms. We fix bugs and errors at this stage and then continue to polish the game depending on the feedback we receive. Majority of the bugs are handled right here, and anything that’s missed out is tackled during the beta testing. We conduct extensive play sessions to make sure the end product is as bug free as possible. Maintenance after release is also really important and taken care of including major updates.

After everything is done, we pass it on to the publisher!
Bugs and errors may arise at any given point in time and our team is always equipped to get rid of them at the earliest. We provide maintenance services that also include the addition of extra features, altering the gameplay, fixing problems, and updating based on user feedback.

In short, you can rely on us for everything that makes games popular among gamers.